Welcome to FaithSync, a community where faith moves.

Believing in something is one thing. Converting your belief into action is something else entirely. If you’ve spent most of your spiritual life “fueling up”, but never actually driving, will you consider joining us on an eternal Road Trip?

When we place our faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf rather than our own “works” without Him, it is commonly referred to as a “conversion”. We are “born again”. This supernatural event doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end. A second conversion is available to each believer. When “faith” becomes a verb instead of a noun, we are experiencing the life God intends for us. When we realize that our faith can sync up with every aspect of our lives regardless of our age, location, struggles or victories; we can literally become the “light of the world” that Jesus talks about in Matthew 5. Faith in motion shines brightly and always illuminates God’s love, mercy and grace.

Made in God’s image, but created with different personalities, talents and passions, we each have the opportunity to be the Light in a unique way. We are a part of God’s purpose and plan. He chose us to demonstrate God’s love to each other.

It is important to keep “fueling up” by praying, reading the Bible, journaling, meeting with other believers, listening to worship music and studying. BUT. Don’t forget to start your engine, press the accelerator and head down the long, winding road. There are so many amazing stops along the way…