The Struggle.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

Have you ever held a young child during a temper tantrum? They have a habit of working themselves into a frenzy – choking, nostrils flared, kicking and screaming. Sometimes, the only option is to hold them close and patiently wait for “the fight” to subside. Little bodies relax with sniffles and sighs. Finally, they make eye contact with tear stained cheeks and silently acknowledge that you were there the entire time – waiting, protecting and loving them. This is what it means to be still and know.

When we aren’t “being still”, it is less about being too busy and more about opposition and struggle. Just like the small child pushing away and losing control.

To be still and know that he is God is to stop fighting him. Instead, we acknowledge his glory, love, mercy, grace and patience. Only then can we be comforted, tears wiped and fully embraced.

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